Blog Day 2007

I almost forgot that today is the 3rd Blog Day! Here are 5 blogs (well, two of them are more than just a blog) that I read about game development:

- CodePixel: In spanish. Fantastic source for 3D and game development resources. Lots of info and papers about GPU programming, OpenGL, DirectX...

- Eternal Lands development journal: An blog written by the admin and main developer of a MMORPG game. Better than those pure marketing "development diaries" that now appear before a new game is released.

- GameProducer.Net: Points of view, discussions, tips... all about producing videogames.

- Terranova: Articles, essays and papers about MMORPGs. With varied points of view, quite objective.

- Critical Hits: A RPG and comics devoted blog. Very interestng RPG articles and posts.

Posted by Kartones on 2007-08-31


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