3D Engines: Suva3D

Suva3D is another Managed DirectX 3D Engine.

Here are it's specs:

Suva Core

  • DirectX 3D pipeline
  • Direct3D vector, matrix, and quaternion math
  • DirectInput keyboard, mouse, and joystick input
  • DirectSound sound effects and music
  • DirectPlay network connectivity

  • Just-in-time (JIT) script compilation
  • Server-side scripting
  • In-game script editor

  • Automated generation of seamless limitless terrain
  • Complete source code for all tools

  • Dedicated Windows server
  • Optimized client/server code
  • Integrated voice-over-IP

    Rendering Engine
  • Multi-pass texturing
  • Environment mapping
  • Vertex and per-pixel lighting
  • True spherical distance fogging

    <!-- Physics

  • Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) integration
  • Vehicle and object physics
  • Collision detection

  • -->

  • SpeedTreeRT Integration
  • 160+ species of trees, fauna, and shrubs
  • Wind animated branch and leaf movment
  • Bump-mapped and self-shadowing trees
  • Customizable via game scripting

    Terrain Engine
  • 6 DOF terrain renderer with ansiotropic texture mapping
  • Continuous and seamless brute force mesh rendering
  • Automatic terrain generation using World Machine

    Mesh Engine
  • 3DStudio Max and Maya 3D workflow (using Okino Polytrans)
  • WYSIWYG model integration
  • Keyframe HLSL shader animation
  • Vertex or per-pixel lighting
  • Objects may be instanced, placed and manipulated via scripts

    Water Effects
  • Continuous large bodies of water
  • Environment map reflections, alpha transparency
  • Customizable via game scripting

  • Multi-channel SFX manager
  • 3D Sound support: panning, volume, doppler, cones
  • Customizable via game scripting

  • 2D Sprite-based controls (buttons, images, text boxes, containers)
  • 2D Sprite overlays
  • Alpha channel transparency
  • Sprite animation
  • Customizable via game scripting

  • Pluggable HLSL shader integration
  • Use FX Composer to create shaders
  • 2.0 pixel shader support
  • 2.0 vertex shader support
  • Posted by Kartones on 2006-06-10


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